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We are Maho and Tom, founders and owners behind this travel blog and boutique tour operator.

MAHO on Earth was born in 2014 as a creative outlet to free up Maho’s engineer mind by sharing her passions for travel, photography and unparalleled adventures. Her insatiable desire for adventures, nearly two decades of daydreaming and vacation planning led us to a one-year-long around the world trip in 2018-19 (click to read the story of our year-long around the world trip here).

We were rooted by COVID-19 in Bali for 16 months, then in Mexico for a year, and now in 2023, some 5+ years into our nomadic life later, we are embarking on a journey together with like-minded people to uncover the secrets of our Earth. As we venture into the wide world, MAHO on Earth will continue to share travel stories and tips to help you spark your dream. 

Authentic & Reliable

We organize highly curated small group trips to enable you to experience the wonders of our planet to the fullest. Our tours are characterized by individuality with the convenience of group travel. No cookie-cutter trips hidden behind vision and mission promises, but genuine adventures is what you will experience with us.

Fully Insured

We are a registered tour operator that complies with German and EU Package Travel regulations. We've taken out insurance to provide financial protection for the consumer. Your peace of mind matters to us.

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What our happy clients say

Meet us

"If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced ~ Vincent Van Gogh"

Mahide (Maho)

Mahide (Maho)

CEO & Co-owner, ex-tech consultant, engine of this website, speaks TR, EN, DE, ES

Hi, I’m Mahide. No, my name has nothing to do with the English word “hide”, though I loved to play hide-and-seek as a child. Even in Turkey, it’s an uncommon name meaning “feast, a table full of food”. Contrary to the meaning of my name, I am not a foodie, actually very easy to maintain. 

Due to the pronunciation difficulties, I was given the nickname Maho by friends and recently promoted to “Mad Maho”. No, I’m not an extreme athlete looking for her death. I take care of my basic fitness in which I swim regularly, sometimes run, and do some strength training. Not regularly, but as often as possible I go hiking – near or far, easy or difficult. Scuba diving is another passion of mine, even though I learned swimming at the age of 29.

Started as a creative outlet to free up my engineer mind, I’m delighted this labour of love of mine has taken its course after chasing the feeling of freedom to discover and experience the world, cultures, and myself. While my muscles rest at home, I’ll continue to let my brain go jogging to record all the valuable experiences and design new trips to pursue a long-term vision of embracing adventure throughout life.

Thomas (Tom)

Thomas (Tom)

CFO & Co-owner, ex-supply chain manager, business strategist of this website, speaks DE, EN

As the saying goes “Behind every great woman there stands a man”, well, wait..no..whatever…

Meet my hubby Tom, who has always been supportive, although he is not a great fan of some activities I drag him along (such as sky diving). But he is always willing to expand his boundaries and that matters! Oh, he is a great fan of TSV 1860 Munich football team that I couldn’t find any pictures of him facing the camera (note his cap)!

He holds a university degree in Business Administration and worked in top-tier companies as a strategic purchaser/supply chain manager for over a decade. As such, he has excellent negotiation skills (read: difficult to argue with) and wins people’s heart easily, and he has always a magic trick ready just in case (I still don’t know how he got mine).

He is the proof-reader of this website, though he is not a native speaker either, and most importantly he is the business strategist to ensure the well being of this baby of ours. 

Everything on this website is based on a kaleidoscope of our own personal experiences, careful research and the opinions of our fellow adventurers, all filtered through an expert lens that comes straight from our hearts and minds.

Sail along with us for inspiration and motivation to achieve your own dreams and overcome your fears as we travel the world in search of authentic experiences and mindful adventures.