Did you know that you can find a slice of Scottish highlands in Germany, to be more precise, in the Allgaeu region of the Bavarian Alps?

Let me introduce you to the picturesque high alpine lake Schrecksee with an island on 1813 m/5949 ft! It’s a very popular destination especially in summer among hikers and cattle alike. From the saddle, you can cross the border to Austria and enjoy the breathtaking views over the mountain valley and the lake in the middle of the rolling hills!

Lake Schrecksee

The water is freezing throughout the year, but feel free to brave the cold to the island in the middle of the lake.

The hike up to the Schreksee following narrow and steep trails on Alpine terrain is anything but easy. Yet still, it makes for a great day out hiking up 3-4 hours to the lake, having a picnic, enjoying the sun, and coming back down. But if you are into more challenging hikes, you can follow one of the trails on the popular Jubiläumsweg.

Laze around at such a beautiful spot or accept the challenge? What a question?! Our pick on the Jubiläumsweg was the Prince Luitpold House (mountain hut) to stay overnight. So far, so good if we hadn’t underestimated this hiking tour entirely. We started the hike quite late, around 9 am, after a leisurely breakfast. As we arrived by the lake, we just had time for a short break of 15-20 minutes before continuing towards the hut. We had to be there before dark, as the terrain didn’t seem safe at all. We absolutely had no time to really enjoy our surroundings, apart from a few minutes to catch our breaths. As we hurried, we had to be extremely careful not to slip off the cliff. Up to that date, our hike to Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala was the most difficult hike we had done. But that wasn’t a hike under the constant danger of death, it was just demanding. As for this one, I would stay the section of the hike up to lake Schrecksee was strenuous but fine. However, the section from Schreksee to Prinz-Luitpold-Haus was not only difficult but also dangerous as the path was so narrow that you could easily roll down the cliff at any time. One tiny wrong step, and bye-bye… That’s why this hike replaces the one in Guatemala as being the most difficult and dangerous hike in my life. A hike dominated by the feeling of fear and stress, but little to no fun.

I don’t want to get cursed by encouraging you to do the hike, that’s why I am not giving away the details of the hiking trail. Nevertheless, if you decide to venture to Schrecksee and further to Printz-Luitpold-Haus, make sure to start really early, like 6 am-ish to give yourself enough time (if you are super fit, account for 7 hours without breaks, 9 hours at normal speed).

Now, let’s just cherish the breathtaking scenery!

Behind this hill is the lake. This path was fine.
Austria-Germany border
Fantastic views all the time
The trail to Prinz-Luitpold-Haus is narrow but flat for the first 1-1.5 hours, but then the terrain becomes really dangerous. You won’t see the danger in pictures though.
Our destination is behind this peak. Don’t ask me how I did it! I had to watch my every single step for the next 1.5 hours, not to slip off and die!
Behind the peak, fear of death is over. We just had time for a quick snapshot before continuing towards the hut, which was still 1.5 hours away. As we arrived there by 6 pm, I had to order a cold beer to celebrate life!