Anyone fancy a hike today?

Nope, no luck. So I went alone to the alpine lodge “Tegernseer Hütte” in early May last year, and was rewarded with a majestic view. That one that I call a view!

The Tegernseer Hütte (1650 m) in the Lake Tegernsee region of Bavaria lies, like an aerie, between the summits of  “Roß- & Buchstein” and offers great panoramic views across the high alpine ridges.

The hike to reach the hut in spring is a serious mountain trek on steep, stony, non-existent or not maintained trails involving rock climbing/scrambling, sliding on your butt in snow and mud, traversing little creeks and eventually sunbathing to dry your wet pants.

If you are lucky, a free table on the hut’s terrace and a beer to a fantastic view will be long awaiting you. Prost!

Details for the Tegernseer Hütte

Altitude difference: 800m

Highest point: Roßstein: 1698m, Tegernseer Hütte: 1650m

Hiking skills: 3/5 (moderate)

Endurance: 3/5 (7km total distance)

Address for Navigation System: Parkplatz Bayerwald 83708 Kreuth (alternatively you can take the train to Tegernsee and then bus to Bayerwald)

Equipment: Good mountain boots and free from height phobia

Waypoints along the trail: the Parking lot at Bayerwald – Sonnberg Alm – Roßstein – Tegernseer Hütte (2.5-3 hours up, down 2 hours).

Scroll down to hike along the trail in pictures.

The trail starts off steep and remains steep

After countless of serpentines, you first reach the Sonnberg Alm (open only in summer months)

From Sonnberg Alm, the trail becomes a challenge

Only another 45 minutes to the hut through snow & mud

The direct route up to the hut (Via-Ferrata) requires a fair bit of scrambling along iron ropes – do take extra precaution if wet

Looking up to the Roßstein peak – notice the people in the picture? 

Looking down – not for the faint-hearted! 

Looking towards the hut – Via-Ferrata is a little bit demanding and not fun for people with vertigo, but generally really OK

Rock climbers’ heaven
The Tegernseer Hütte is also accessible around the Roßstein peak if you want to avoid the Via-Ferrata. Calculate an extra 15 minutes for the so-called “Old Ladies'” trail. In early May the trail was non-existent and not recommended due to avalanche risk.

No risk, no fun – So I took the Old Ladies’ path down. It was still covered with deep snow. 

But it was so much fun sliding down the snow 🙂

Look at these guys making their way through mud and snow

Stunning views of the mountain range all around

A bit sophisticated but absolutely one of my favorite hikes!