The Lake Eibsee resting at the foot of the Mount Zugspitze in all its beauty is a surreal place that belong in a dream. A Bavarian dream that you can easily catch from Munich in just over an hour in the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The stunning mountain lake with its many shades of greenish-blue and blueish-green is Germany’s best beach substitute with breathtaking views of the adjacent mountains.

Peace, tranquility and gratefulness all roll into one moment at this magical place, and you feel like the last person on Earth.

Lake Eibsee Zugspitze Bavaria Germany  - MAHO on Earth Boutique Adventure Tours and Travel Blog

Don’t you want to stand still with me and take in the majestic feel of this lake?

Practical Information

The fascinating Lake Eibsee can easily be encircled in about 2 hours. The 7.5 km loop around the lake with a total elevation gain of about 100 meters is an easy stroll on a wide and flat trail suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Taking the loop in counter-clockwise direction gives you the best scenery. And this way you wouldn’t miss the best views if you decide to use the water taxi service at halfway.

Along the way, you can have a rest on numerous pristine beaches with magnificent views of the mountains behind, swim in the emerald waters, or explore the picturesque lake on a paddle boat.Restaurant and facilities are located at the eastern tip of the lake. Check out the official website for further details.

Happy trails!