Touching the Pacific Ocean, Playa El Tunco is a surfer’s paradise. Unless you’re a surfer, chances are you haven’t heard much about the beaches of El Salvador. I, as a non-surfer, hadn’t and I had no intention of spending my valuable time on a not-so-pretty beach. 
El Salvador beaches are known for their world class surfing, but not always for their beautiful views. Luckily, the reality proved the critics wrong. While the warm
waters and rolling waves create ideal conditions for surfers, the
fine black sand beaches and rock formations offer a scenic backdrop for sunbathers and
sunset hunters alike.
Perhaps second only to surfing on El Tunco Beach are the picturesque sunsets ranging from golden orange to delicate pink. Sunsets and people watching at sunset are something to marvel and take in every evening that you are there. 
No matter if you are into surfing or not, you without a doubt will find a way to enjoy yourself here. Need some proof? Then scroll down for the impressions of my less-than-24-hour stay in El Tunco.