On one of those rare summer days, when the sun was shining hot and bright, we visited the stunning lake of Königssee to admire the clear deep waters surrounded by the high mountains.

The lake is part of the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria, close to the Austrian border. Once arrived in the town of Königssee, you can take a boat tour to Salet, and from there you can hike around Lake Obersee to reach the highest waterfalls in Germany.

On the boat tour, you will have the opportunity to hear the world-famous Königssee echo. The boat operator plays his trumpet to produce the echo by the steep rocks. Besides this nice bonus, the water will be shimmering in turquoise, green, and blue colors all the time, and I guarantee that you will enjoy the easy hike around Lake Obersee as much as I did.

I’d highly recommend this trip if you love nature, and if the sun is on your side. For the time being, enjoy the photos straight out of my old Canon Ixus 75 camera.

Berchtesgaden National Park Königssee Hike Boat Tour
Königssee Germany
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PS: I will remember this trip my entire life for two reasons: because it was insanely beautiful and because we had to pay a 120 EUR fine to Austrian police, as a result of using their highway by mistake. If you happen to be traveling here by car without a vignette for Austria, don’t follow your navigation system blindly. The Austrian traffic police know where to catch the innocent and stupid day trippers.